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Tanhaji (2020): The saga of a forgotten hero

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It doesn’t take a hero to order males into battle. It takes a hero to be a type of males who goes into battle is an inspirational citation by U.S. military common Norman Schwarzkopf. The Maratha folklore has one such story of a heroic however forgotten warrior named Tanaji Malusare, who served as a navy assistant to the ever fashionable Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje. Tanaji’s reference got here from a chunk of poetry written by the nice Indian poet Tulsidas.

Ajay Devgan as Tanaji Malusare

Bollywood has come out with an epic interval motion drama primarily based on the lifetime of this legendary warrior. Written and directed by Om Raut, Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior stars Bollywood’s veteran actor Ajay Devgan within the titular function of Tanaji Malusare. Saif Ali Khan performs the function of his arch rival and one of the vital fearsome daredevil warriors within the Mughal Empire, Udaybhan Singh Rathore. Trust me, for those who occur to look at this film, you might be absolutely going to expertise a heart-stopping conflict between two historic titans.

It’s the yr 1665 and Shivaji (Sharad Kelkar) is captured by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb (Luke Kenny) within the Battle of Purandar. Aurangzeb captured Shivaji because the latter was on a quest to quickly broaden his reign within the Deccan area of India. Along with Shivaji, he had additionally captured the 23 forts that Shivaji had beneath his management.

Meanwhile, Shivaji’s mom Jijabai (Padmavati Rao) acquired insulted by the Mughal common Beshak Khan (Nissar Khan) when he captured and vacated the strategic fortress of the Marathas referred to as Kondhana (present-day Sinhagad fort). She couldn’t take this insult and vowed to stay barefoot till the Marathas would recapture the fort. Five years later, Aurangzeb assigned the Kondhana fort to his courageous and lionhearted common Udaybhan Singh Rathore in order that no intruder would ever dare to even set sight on the fort, not to mention seize it. Aurangzeb had additionally deliberate to make use of this fort as a base for his imperial enlargement within the Deccan area.

Saif Ali Khan as Udaybhan Singh Rathore

This information reached Shivaji by means of a spy. He deliberate to recapture the Kondhana fort by any means and foil the intentions of Aurangzeb. Shivaji’s ready common Tanaji was not out there at the moment as he was busy getting ready for the upcoming marriage ceremony of his son, Rayba (Arush Nand). Hence, Shivaji deliberate to pursue the fort capturing marketing campaign all by himself. He had warned his generals to not inform Tanaji about this marketing campaign as he didn’t need to contain him on this matter throughout such an auspicious ceremony. As time handed, the Marathas began getting ready for the battle. However, this information couldn’t be saved a secret from Tanaji for very lengthy. When he visited Rajgad to ask Shivaji to his son’s marriage ceremony, he was someway knowledgeable about this marketing campaign by one traitor in Shivaji’s palace named Chandraji Pisal (Ajinkya Deo). He instantly postponed his son’s marriage ceremony and sought permission from Shivaji to permit him to steer the marketing campaign.

The story takes one other dimension as Udaybhan reaches Burhanpur. The Marathas got here to find out about his arrival and coined their assault plan on him. Pisal being a traitor, instantly despatched his nephew Chultya (Kailash Waghmare) to tell Udaybhan in regards to the assault plan of the Marathas. Actually, Pisal had deliberate to foil Tanaji’s mission in order that Shivaji could possibly be overthrown and he would then be a part of palms with Udaybhan. As a outcome, Tanaji’s assault plan acquired foiled miserably and he acquired deceived to such an extent that he ended up attacking his personal troopers! The livid Udaybhan reached Kondhana and threatened Shivaji’s security. He threatened to bombard Rajgad with an enormous canon which he saved aimed from the Kondhana fort. This canon was the atom bomb of that period which was highly effective sufficient to destroy the town of Rajgad in a single shot!

Sharad Kelkar because the Maratha ruler Shivaji

The betrayed and dejected Tanaji on a pursuit for Udaybhan, reached Kondhana on their own. However, he had different plans in thoughts. Upon reaching Kondhana, he began brainwashing the villagers towards Udaybhan. The villagers acquired brainwashed and turned towards the barbaric dictator. Taking this benefit, Tanaji managed to seize the traitor Chultya and kill him. This information reached Udaybhan and he roared out like a caged lion! He captured Tanaji and tortured him severely.

Luke Kenny because the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb

You is perhaps stunned to know that despite his ferocious nature Udaybhan was a lover as effectively! He was love stricken to his Rajput common Jagat Singh’s (Vipul Gupta) sister Kamla Devi (Neha Sharma). However, Jagat Singh by no means needed at hand over his sister to the harmful Udaybhan. Thus, he secretly launched the imprisoned Tanaji and pleaded earlier than him to save lots of him and his sister from Udaybhan’s clutches. Tanaji assured them of their freedom and fled from the place. He returned to his metropolis Umrat and knowledgeable the individuals there in regards to the upcoming battle. He additionally met his spouse Savitri Bai (Kajol) and informed her that he would return and rejoice their son’s marriage ceremony after defeating Udaybhan.

Kajol as Tanaji’s spouse Savitri Bai

The battle was set and it was time for motion! Tanaji attacked the Mughal-occupied Kondhana fort on February 4, 1670. In the commotion Jagat Singh escaped along with his sister. Now it was him versus Udaybhan! The two titans clashed and a ferocious one-on-one combat endured. Here you’ll witness probably the most disastrous scene ever! UdayBhan had lit the canon which was presupposed to bombard Shivaji’s Rajgad and Tanaji simply in time managed to cut off its lighted wick. But what occurred subsequent will make you shudder! While Tanaji was doing this, his proper arm acquired chopped off by Udaybhan. The ending scene reveals him battling Udaybhan with just one arm whereas the latter was delivering blows along with his sharp sword upon him. Even when there was no hope left for Tanaji, he stood up for the sake of his beloved ruler Shivaji. He chained Udaybhan to the large canon and pushed the canon until it began falling off from the sting of the towering Kondhana fort. Udaybhan fell together with the canon and was killed.

The injured Tanaji fell to his knees as he held the victory flag of the Marathas on the Kondhana fort along with his left arm. With Udaybhan lifeless, the Kondhana fort was captured by the Marathas. The courageous warrior Tanaji lastly succumbed to his accidents. Shivaji alongside along with his military entered the fort and mourned Tanaji’s demise. Later, Shivaji personally oversaw Rayba’s marriage. This battle was titled because the “Battle of Sinhagad” in Indian historical past. Tanaji’s title was written in golden phrases within the Maratha historical past as he was certainly that unsung braveheart hero whom the Maratha military really deserved.

Ajay Devgan and Kajol in Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior

Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior trailer:

The Good:

Udaybhan lights the canon in an intention to destroy Rajgad

Once in a lifetime cinematography

Mark my phrases, the creative cinematography by Keiko Nakahara in Tanhaji has barred all obstacles. The cinematography is likely one of the main features which set this movie aside from different historic dramas in Bollywood. No doubt, the stainless modifying by Dharmendra Sharma might need achieved the wonders. Tanhaji was additionally launched in 3D and I need to say, the 3D viewing expertise was merely superior! Upon experiencing such superb visible results, I felt as if I had time traveled to the 17th century battle stricken India.

Believe me, even for those who don’t watch this film, you won’t need to miss out the ultimate “Battle of Sinhagad” scene which showcases the epic combat between Tanaji and Udaybhan. Watching this combat in 3D made me really feel as in the event that they each have been preventing simply in entrance of me. Jokes aside, I shouldn’t have been so engrossed within the film that I didn’t even care to cease them!

Udaybhan prices as Tanaji battles him with just one arm

Ajay Devgan and Saif Ali Khan rocked the present!

I need to say that Ajay Devgan and Saif Ali Khan each carried out their respective roles to utmost perfection. They merely stole the present with such a fabulous arch rivalry plot. Saif Ali Khan did seem to me as an actual life barbarian within the film, which made his performing unparalleled. He was proven killing his personal troopers who weren’t in a position to perform their duties competently. I need to inform you, these scenes have been grotesque.

Great dialogues

I discovered the dialogues in Tanhaji to be thoughts blowing! One dialogue by Tanaji to Udaybhan when he acquired captured and tortured was, “Har Maratha paagal hai…Swaaraj ka, Shivaji Raje ka, Bagwe ka” which suggests “Marathas are crazy for their beloved Shivaji and his self-rule policy”. The approach he narrated this dialog was superb, all tied up when he checked out Udaybhan with vengeful eyes.

The combat continues and the injured Tanaji pins Udaybhan to the canon

 The Bad:

The large canon together with Udaybhan tied to it begins rolling off from the sting of the towering Kondhana fort

The plot finally ends up as fictional…this was not how Udaybhan really died!

The ending scene in Tanhaji was cooked up by Devgan and Raut. Very true, Udaybhan and Tanaji did combat and Tanaji fought like a lion. But if sources are to be believed, it was really Tanaji who was killed by Udaybhan through the combat. It was Tanaji’s uncle and companion through the Battle of Sinhagad, one other Maratha warrior named Shelar Mama, who really killed the hefty Udaybhan after Tanaji was killed by him. I don’t know the way actual or how fictional the legend of Tanaji goes, however I imagine Bollywood has acquired an inclination to boost issues typically.

The narration was not correct

Honestly, I didn’t discover the narration in Tanhaji by Sanjay Mishra to be interesting sufficient. I imagine that if Devgan and Raut may have thought-about choosing a unique narrator, issues might need sounded higher. Mishra’s voice within the screenplay didn’t match as much as my expectations.

Udaybhan falls to his doom!

The Verdict:

Tanaji waves the victory flag on the Kondhana fort with Shivaji beside him

The actual title of this courageous historic warrior was Tanaji. However, the filmmakers named the movie as “Tanhaji” for censorship points. No matter what the precise story could also be, I personally discover Tanhaji to be a whole leisure bundle which has been spiced as much as its brim by Bollywood. If sources are true, it’s stated that Ajay Devgan being one of many producers of this movie, took the filmmaking work in his personal palms. It can be stated that the incidents proven in Tanhaji are kind of fictional and are a product of Devgan’s wild imaginations.

Supporting actors Sharad Kelkar and Luke Kenny performed their respective characters of Shivaji and Aurangzeb fairly effectively. You will probably be stunned to know that Kajol being the real-life spouse of Devgan, performed his reel-life spouse on this film. The songs in Tanhaji are patriotic in nature, nevertheless they didn’t attraction me a lot.

The actual Kondanha fort (now in ruins) the place this epic Battle of Sinhagad was fought

Overall, Tanhaji portrays that sense of affection, braveness and sacrifice that Indians had for his or her motherland throughout earlier occasions, which is essentially missing in right now’s youth. Even if I’m nonetheless not sure of what “actually happened”, I discover the ending scene the place Tanaji bravely fought Udaybhan even after shedding one arm to be salute-worthy. It is a tragic actuality that Tanaji was really killed from the blows he acquired from Udaybhan’s sword. Although Bollywood has showcased one thing which is way from actuality, I personally discover this 2 hours and quarter-hour historic motion drama to be a masterpiece amongst Bollywood’s film collections.

  • Acting – 9/10
  • Cinematography – 9.5/10
  • Plot/Screenplay – 8/10
  • Setting/Theme – 8/10
  • Watchability – 8/10
  • Rewatchability – 7/10

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